Paris 7Pc Dining Suite (1900)


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Paris range is inspired by from the French provisional style with a modern twist. If you are on the beach or simply wants to brighton up your bedroom or lounge then this type of furniture would suit your style. Made from Acacia timber, this range is made to last. 

*Paris range is priced as 'Everyday Low Price' and excludes any on going sales promotions or discounts. 

Price includes Paris dining table 1900mm with 6 Chairs.

Available in Bedroom, Dining & Living furniture.

Timber : Acacia 

Color : Pure white body & dark top

Dimensions :

Queen or King Headboard : 1700L x 90W x 1200H

Queen Bed frame : 2200L x 1700W x 1200H

King Bed frame : 2200L x 2000W x 1200H

Bedside Table : 600L x 400W x 600H

Tallboy : 1050L x 450W x 1200H

Lingerie : 600L x 450W x 1265H

Dresser : 1350L x 450W x 850H

Mirror : 1100L x 55W x 1000H

Blanket Box : 900L x 450W x 440H

TV Unit 1770 : 1770L x 500W x 600H

TV Unit 2300 : 2300L x 500W x 600H

TV Unit 1200 : 1200L x 500W x 600H

Lamp Table : 650L x 650W x 500H

Coffee Table : 1200L x 700W x 450H

Hall Table : 1250L x 380W x 800H

Single Glass Vitrine : 900L x 450W x 2000H

Double Glass Vitrine : 1240L x 450W x 2000H

Buffet : 1640L x 470W x 850H

Hutch (Upper part of Buffet) : 1690L x 450W x 1200H

Dining Table 1600 : 1600L X 900W X 770H

Dining Table 1900 : 1900L x 1000W x 770H

Dining Table 2250 : 2250L X 1050W x 770H

Dining Table 2400 : 2400L X 1200W x 7700

Pedestal Round Table : 1400L Round X 770H

code: Sumner dining table 1900 JK