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Fenton offers modern twist with a classic country style.

It has genereous space drawers with plenty of storage to hide away the clutter. It comes in huge range of products in bedroom, living and dining range. 

Dimensions :

Super King Bed : W2050 L2300 H1230

King Bed : W1940 L2300 H1230

Queen Bed : W1840 L2300 H1230

3 Drawer Bedside : W530 D450 H660

6 Drawer Tallboy : W1050 D450 H1270

7 Drw Slimboy : W635 D450 H1575

7 Drawer Dresser : W1380 D450 H820

Mirror : W1080 D90 H1120

Barstool : W430 D300 H680-1050mm (Seat-Back)

Queen Headboard : W1790 H1230

1.5m Dining Table : L1500 W1000 H760

1.8m Dining Table : L1800 W1050 H760

2.1m Dining Table : L2100 W1050 H760

2.4m Dining Table : L2400 W1050 H760

Dining Chair : W460 D540 H960

Coffee Table : W1270 D730 H430

Lamp Table : W730 D730 H430

Corner TV Unit : W1320 D540 H650

Medium TV Unit : W1600 D540 H650

2 Bottom Drw Bookcase : W1040 D350 H1960

4x3 Bookcase : W900 D350 H1210

6x3 Bookcase : W940 D350 H1850

Display Cabinet : W700 D470 H1960

3Drw 4Door Buffet : W1630 D430 H880

4 Drw Hall Table : W1370 D420 H850

Desk : L1650 W830 H790

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