Terms And Conditions


Good’s Title:

All items invoiced remain the property of SuperPrice Furniture Ltd until payment has been received in full. We will release your furniture upon full payment only. Supplier (SuperPrice Furniture) will retain the title under Property Securities Act 1999. If the buyer has taken the products without full payment, SuperPrice Furniture has the right to enter the buyer's property and get possession of the product without the responsibility of any damage it may cause.


The risk for any goods supplied to customer will be passed to the customer once the product is delivered. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by both supplier and customer, the supplier is considered to be parted from the possession of goods once it leaves the premises.

Delivery and Pick up:

Customer will require bringing all the tools, straps and covers when coming for picking up the product. SuperPrice Furniture will not be responsible to provide these. Any furniture damage is not the supplier's responsibility when the customer has picked up the goods. Delivery fees will be charged in accordance with area and products. Delivery fees will include upstairs, downstairs if it is safe to do so. For courtesy, we may be able to remove the packaging of some products and assemble. We will request your signature on delivery to confirm customer satisfaction and goods delivery. On the purchase, please advise us the delivery instructions like wide/narrow doorways, long driveways. Please make sure that there is nothing blocking our way to be able to deliver safely. SuperPrice Furniture cannot provide exact delivery time but we will make sure to call you before we leave to deliver. SuperPrice Furniture will not be able to deliver if nobody is home, another delivery will have to be scheduled on the cost of the customer. SuperPrice Furniture is not responsible for failure to give notice about delayed delivery under circumstances which are beyond our control.


Prices will be confirmed in writing when the quotations are provided. SuperPrice Furniture can change any product’s price any day without any notice. Our prices will change according to promotions and in-store specials including clearance prices. SuperPrice Furniture is not responsible for any error or mistake we may make to our pricing.

Payment terms:

Full payment must be made by customers prior to delivery or Pick up. We accept Credit Cards, Master Cards and EFTPOS cards any day for your purchases. Customer may also pay online to SuperPrice Furniture bank account when agreed by supplier and customer. In order to do that, the customer must provide proof of ID to be sure about age and to identify the customer.

Consumer Act:

The Provision of Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 will not apply if the purchase is made for a business. SuperPrice Furniture does not take any undertaking assertion or representation in relation to goods without the prior written approval of the manufacturer. The customer knows that supplier has not given any other guarantees as defined under the act or any other form of warranties other than confirmed in writing.


With respect of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, products sold are subject to terms and conditions of warranties provided by the manufacturers. No warranties are given by the manufacturer in respect of any goods except written by the manufacturer. Warranties are only valid when used in New Zealand and not bought for commercial use.

Refunds and cancellations:

The customer is responsible for the selection of suitable furniture for respective premises. Change of mind will not be honoured by SuperPrice Furniture. No refunds will be provided on change of mind, however, a store credit of equivalent amount may be issued to the customer after agreement with the supplier (SuperPrice Furniture).


Customer must check the goods once delivered and inform SuperPrice Furniture within 24 hours for any defects, failure to comply with description or shortage in quantity. SuperPrice Furniture should be able to inspect the goods within respective time after delivery to check the damage. If the customer does not agree to this, it will be assumed that goods are free from any damage according to terms and conditions. The information provided to SuperPrice Furniture may change any time without notice. We have made sure to ensure accuracy.

NB: Our terms and conditions will remain the same unless some changes are made. This is the contract between SuperPrice Furniture and its customers.